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Lightning Fast
4H, 10H or 24H delivery

Deadlines are important. We have the opportunity to offer our customers three different delivery options: 4h Express, 10h Semi-Express or Standard 24h.

100% Satisfaction
Unlimited revisions

Comment and adjust finished images online. We always work with your photos until you are 100% satisfied.

Economy and Statistics
Save time and money

Our system automatically calculates how much you save by using our services. You choose the time period, our system manages the rest.

Create an account

Register an account by clicking on ”Sign up”. After completing the onboarding you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Place new order and choose services

Click on ”New Order”. Enter order title and then select the type of services you need for your images and click next.

Delivery time, formats and backgrounds

Choose in which formats and backgrounds you want to receive your images from us. The standard delivery is always within 24H. You have the possibility to choose 10H Semi-Express or 4H-Express if your job is urgent.

Upload images and enter specific details

Click or drag and drop to upload your images to our website. Add image specific instructions and services if needed. You can also make doodles on specific images to clarify what needs to be done.


In the last step you get a summary of the order. Payment can be made either with prepaid credits, card or invoice.


Within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail message with download instructions. If you have chosen express handling, you will receive a notification within 10 or 4 hours.

History and development

Clipily was founded from the Swedish image processing service Urklipp in 2009. The development has since then progressed rapidly and Clipily is today one of the world's largest market players in the field of background removal and retouching with over 10000 customers. The purpose has always been to simplify the access to image processing services such as background removal and retouching.


Our clients are represented in many different types of industries such as advertising agencies, photographers, e-commerce companies, industrial tech companies, magazines and clothing companies. Common to all companies is that they have some form of presence on the internet or use print media and have a need to process the images before using them.

Our solution

We are the personal image processing agency that offers fast deliveries, solid support and advice with quality thinking throughout the entire process. We accomplish this through an online platform where our customers quickly can upload their images and easily select specific services.

  • imgSimple and attractive pricing
  • imgSimple ordering procedure to reduce your administrative time
  • imgFast delivery times around the clock; The standard is within 24 hours and express within 10 or 4 hours
  • imgHigh quality of work; we always work with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and manually to ensure precision
  • imgNo minimum order requirements


Process vs. Outcome with Photo Editing services

Clipily is your ideal partner for all your photo editing needs. We offer an impressive array of services including clipping path, alpha masking, retouching, and mirror object edits. All these for under a dollar each. Our expert graphic designers use ultra-modern technology to serve all your photo editing needs effortlessly. Below is a breakdown of the intricate photo editing process. While many users opt for defined templates and other set algorithms when it comes to giving your photos that wow factor, a standout image demands more. Every event in the overall process must go as planned for the desired result to come about. Proper photo editing software offers more functionality, such as a more accurate clipping path. High-end images used in magazines, websites, advertisements and billboards demand a special skillset during production. With us, you get a tailor-made solution for all your photo editing needs, all this at an incredibly pocket friendly price. Clipily is your go-to platform for all retouching, image clipping, and general editing work. You can kick back, relax, and leave the task to us.

The Post-Processing Phase with Clipping Paths

Clipping Paths is an intricate process that masterfully gets rid of unwanted items from a photo. For best results, our graphic designers employ the use of the powerful Adobe Photoshop software to enhance your photos and take out any unwanted components. Everything is handmade for maximum precision. After we make the clipping path or alpha mask, we may leave the background blank or introduce a suitable secondary image. The outcome depends on the client’s taste or preference. A bit of retouching blends the old and new components seamlessly.

Why Clipping Paths and Retouching?

  • Eye stress reduction. Photos with a white background often prove easier on the eye, and make the key item or items easily perceptible. The clipping path helps you to accurately separate the main subject from other items on the pic.
  • Get rid of offensive content. Not all elements in the initial capture are permissible on all platforms. This removal of unwanted content is why background removal is imperative.
  • Focus on the main subject. When selling a pair of shoes, the customer will want to see the shoes, and not any other objects around the key item that may prove a distraction. Image clipping readily helps you take out any additional or unwanted objects.
  • Visual enhancement. Altering the background on your photo can take you from a garden in Washington to the unrivaled elegance of the Taj Mahal.

Why Go For Clipily?

  • We offer an incredibly fast turnaround time. Tasks take 4, 10, or 24 hours depending on complexity and detail levels required.
  • Clipily guarantees 100% satisfaction, with an option for unlimited revisions until your picture is perfect. The job isn’t done until our customers are happy with the outcome.
  • Our calculator indicates the amount of money you save on each project, all depending on the specifics of each task.

Get on Board

  • Sign up and register an account, after which you will be in a position to access the user dashboard.
  • Click on ‘New Order’ and specify the type of service you’re interested in. The available options include Clipping Path, Advanced Masking, Multiple Clipping Paths, Retouching, White balance, contrast, brightness, and so on. Each these processes is a crucial aspect of photo editing or picture enhancement.
  • Choose your preferred delivery format and desired backgrounds. Background removal and, or replacement is a crucial process at this stage. Standard deliveries are under 24 hours, with more urgent tasks completed in 4 or 10 hours.
  • Upload your pics for image clipping and retouching. For clarification, add specific instructions by hand where necessary.
  • At checkout, you’ll get a summary of your order. Payments are via card, invoice, or prepaid credits.
  • You’ll get an email notification with download instructions within the agreed-upon period.
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